Marcus Persiani Biography

Inspired by his father doodling Debussy on the family piano, by the time he was six, Marcus Persiani could play the piano by ear. By the time he reached high school, he thought he was done with the piano, when he was assigned the bass chair in the high school orchestra. But, as it turned out, the keys were his calling: When he heard McCoy Tyner with Coltrane; Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters; and Keith Jarrett, he was inspired to return to his “instrument of origin.”

Marcus attended the same school that Herbie Hancock attended (Grinnell College) which was a transition to the American Conservatory (from which he received a B.A). in Chicago The heartbeat of the music that he had come to love Jazz.

Marcus was a student Willie Pickens, Joe Daley and Francisco Godino. He also gained an extraordinary musical education in the clubs, bars, and dives of Chicago.

Following the multitudes of artists seeking inspiration, Marcus moved to New York City.

Marcus is a consummate musician. Possessing a diverse vocabulary of musical genres that he performs with such notable artists like Jerry Gonzalez, The Impressions, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Cecil McBee, Tito Puente, Charlie Persip’s Super-sound, Vanessa Rubin, and the Apollo Theater Showtime Band.

Mr. Persiani toured and recorded with the late Mario Bauza, His compositions and arrangements are featured on the brilliant trilogy of albums recorded by Bauza’s legendary Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, one of which (“944 Columbus”) was nominated for a Grammy award. As an arranger, Marcus was inspired and influenced by the father of Afro-Cuban Jazz Mario Bauza to present his arrangements, which have now become criterion for any musical situation performing Latin Music

 Having toured Europe, Japan, and the United States, Mr. Persiani has also contributed his piano and keyboard skill in the groups of Joseph Bowie’s (Defunkt), Willie Colon (Legal Alien). As the pianist with Patience Higgins’s Sugar Hill Quartet, Marcus was part of Harlem’s musical scene at St. Nick’s Pub, Lennox Lounge, Minton’s Playhouse, and other venues.

As a leader, Marcus has released CD’s, “Uptown Suite” and “Urban Fictions”

His 2022 new release (Available in Spring of 2022) is “Appointment In Time Square” featuring conga master Juan “Papo” Pepin along with Bassists Donald Nicks and Ruben Rodriguez.

As well as his second jazz CD by the summer of 2022 entitled “The Mystery of Liberated Labor.” With original compositions that capture Harlem in its many musical manifestations and colors featuring the Great Saxophonist George Coleman

At times, the journey of an independent musician can be challenging.  However, in a world where hard work is so often overlooked, Marcus Persiani continues to forge ahead in his quest to produce music for the soul, while touring and recording with some of the greats in music. 

The release of his upcoming Cd’s should prove to be a year that further asserts Marcus as one of the most dynamic and unconventional players on the instrumental jazz scene. 

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